Monday, April 25, 2011

He has Risen - Indeed!

Easter always brings such happy celebrations for our family! Jesus Christ's rising from the dead is reason enough to celebrate, but we have always done Easter in a way which honors generational traditions started in Molly's family years ago. Through her family, our family, and now our kid's families the holiday "template" is always the same. Great family and friends, wonderful food, and a rousing easter egg hunt mark our annual celebration of Christ's ascension. Here are a few pictures:

Our Church is part of our family. We love to worship together and celebrate life!

Sometimes the anticipation of things to come is just too great to ignore! Shelby and Jake's daughter is ready to hunt easter eggs, and thinks all of this if for her!

Apparently all of "her" goodies weren't enough - we caught her eyeing her little cousins loot in hopes of maybe grabbing some of that as well!

Max and Whitney's son got into the easter egg hunt - but he is probably a year away from making a big impact.

These next two are our "adopted" grandkids from South Africa. Rarely can their real grandparents make holidays or events, so Molly and I step in where we can to support. Both the girls are so fun, and absolutely adorable!

Everyone had a wonderful time at Whit and Max's home! As you can see there wasn't much left for others to find.


  1. Loved our time together at Easter!

  2. Loved this blog....and the photographs are just delightful. Thanks for always including us in such special, invaluable times.