Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Web - a - licious...

It just had to happen. After nine years of ear shattering crescendo and heavy music loop Hoebeke Builders has changed it's website. Technology and just plain 'ole good ideas change in a matter of nano seconds (whatever that is!), and the Flash driven old site was shop worn. Our range of project capability has also changed with the addition of my business partner Phillip McCloud, but we couldn't easily manipulate the old site to reflect our diverse range.

So longtime friend Alan Burks enlisted the services of Will Von Bolton to give us a "facelift." Boy oh boy is it infinitely better! Fresh, clean and very reflective of our capabilities is a vast improvement over the heaviness of the old site. Now we have all of the "toys" in one place - "New Construction"; "Remodeling"; "Details"; even a link to this blog spills out from under one corporate umbrella. AND, we can change the site whenever the mood strikes us! Easily. Without working through a WebMaster.

If you know me, and/or read my stuff, you undoubtedly know that I am horribly technologically challenged. How do you keep yourself, and your business fresh, and relevant for a client that's not into stodgy? We hope this new platform allows us to change with the marketplace. But you be our judge - let us know what you think!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ain't Grandkids Fun!

Our oldest Grandchild turned three the other day. Being a grandparent may be one of the few "under-rated" experiences in life! We had a family blowout, and she had a blast!

Shelby and Jake's little girl reveled in all of the attention. The gifts were pretty good too! Of course Dolly and Shelby couldn't do anything just halfway, so our house morphed into one really good party!

The hit of the party was big girl's make-up, also know around here as "puff-puff." As you can see the puff-puff takes immediate precedence over the new shower cap!

Ahhhhhh, now we're all dressed up and ready to go! Just like Mommy, Mama Sissy, and Dolly we've got our make-up on and we are ready to step out on the town!

Let's stop and have some Birthday cake and dessert first - need to build up our stamina for tomorrow's shopping!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Bloomin' Fun!!"

Dallas Blooms, and the Small Houses of Great Artists exhibit took off last weekend like a scalded dog! The Arboretum had over 77,000 people stroll the grounds Saturday and Sunday! My favorite people (my family, and my grandkids!) toured Monday morning to see firsthand Dutch's work. 

Watching our kids, and their kids run, laugh, and play out in the gardens just seems so right. Monday was a beautiful day. Four generations of Hoebeke's were present as my parents made the trip to check out their son's handiwork. The sunshine and fresh air enhanced those beautiful grounds that sit right on White Rock Lake. Needless to say, we are all extremely grateful for the time we can share together - and for our health!

Monday was also "Mommie and Me" at the Arboretum. A weekly event that happens each Monday, throngs of moms and their kids - thick as bugs on a bumper, flock to the gardens. The kids love the petting zoo and face painting. The moms love wearing the kids out so they will take a really good nap!

McCall, Wells, and Jack (well maybe not Jack - he's only 4 months old!) checked out what Dutch and longtime friend and business partner Phillip McCloud put together. The smiles on their faces suggested that they really liked what they saw!
With over 500,000 tulip bulbs, flowering cherry trees, and azaleas getting ready to bloom, this is a wonderful time of the year to tour the Arboretum. Our exhibit will be there for the playin' through the end of the year. Mark your calendar and come see us!
(Editor's Note: The exhibit picked up a wonderful endorsement from the Cooke family at . It's gratifying to see the Houses "in action" with kids having fun! Rachel Cooke's photography is pretty good too!)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Miles of Smiles!

It's here! Dallas Blooms at the Arboretum in conjunction with "Small Houses of Great Artists!" (which you and I know from other blogs as the Kid's Playhouses!) is finished and ready for Kids! So how did the final result compare with the original Architect's design? You tell me...

"Monet" by Robbie Fusch
Photo courtesy of Bill Hurst Photography
Phillip McCloud and I had a wonderful time putting this project together! The Arboretum people could not have been nicer, or more gracious - they made our job much easier.

"Picasso" by Wilson Fuqua
Photo courtesy of Bill Hurst Photography
Of course the four Architects, Robbie Fusch, Wilson Fuqua, Clint Pearson, and Paul Turney turned each Great Artist's habitat into childhood whimsey!

"O'Keeffe" by Clint Pearson
Photo courtesy of Bill Hurst Photography
And our friend Mona Crider of La Foofaraw and her talented team really dressed the insides of our cottages.

"Seurat" by Paul Turney
Photo courtesy of Bill Hurst Photography
But our deepest gratitude goes to those vendors and subcontractors who wanted to see this project succeed and helped us out of a very tight budget and into all of this kid's splendor!

So how did Hoebeke Builders do at taking a two dimensional rendering, and making it come to life? Meet the Judges!