Thursday, July 21, 2011

That "Locked On" Focus!

Great shooters always focus on about a 6" section of the back of the rim, and never take their eyes off of it. Makes perfect sense. If you are trying to shoot a 10" ball through a 20" hoop you focus on where the ball needs to go, not on it's flight.

From the time I started playing basketball in the fourth grade, and all the way through college that lesson served me well. And I got pretty good at it! Life sometimes has a funny way of imitating art and I still find myself "locking on" to projects as if they were the rim.

The BridgeBuilders team: Mike Fechner on the far left, and Velma Mitchell in front center (purple blouse). 
My longtime friend Mike Fechner started a wonderful ministry fifteen years ago to the underprivileged folks of the Bon Ton area of southeast Dallas. Through the years he has loved on the people; shared Christ with them; and worked tirelessly to get as many as possible job training and life skills so that they can better themselves in the community. Through God's leading many lives have been changed, and BridgeBuilders has been wildly successful.

Velma's getting ready to cook!
Velma Mitchell is one of those great stories! She grew up in Bon Ton; raised her kids there; raised her grandkids there; and buried one of her own children who was killed in a drive-by shooting. Life has been tough. Mike and the BridgeBuilders ministry helped Velma through some of the rough spots. Velma, in turn, almost single-handedly has reclaimed her neighborhood! 

Velma Mitchell can really cook! It's no real surprise then that when she started talking about wanting a restaurant to cook and minister to the people of Bon Ton, Mike Fechner and BridgeBuilders stepped up. Sensing the opportunity for stimulating economic development in the neighborhood, BridgeBuilders decided to claim a corner of the turf for Velma's Kitchen! Most of the urban blight is gone. All that's left is a wonderful opportunity for Velma to cook; and love on the people; and share Christ with her neighbors; and work tirelessly to train others to cook and cater. Makes sense!

Mike called me to spearhead the development and construction. I'm "locked on" and focused on helping God pull the pieces together (as if He really needs any help!) to make Velma's Kitchen a reality. We'd like to make it thematic - something like an old gas station that was converted to a really nice restaurant. Funny what you can do when you are focused! Kind of like Mike and BridgeBuilders - and Velma and Bon Ton! We covet your prayers...

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