Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Possible Dreams!

Picasso - Photo courtesy of Bill Hurst Photography
In previous posts I have mentioned a whole host of people that have unselfishly given of their time, talents and resources to make "Small Houses of Great Artists" a reality out in the gardens of the Dallas Arboretum. When my business partner, Phillip McCloud - who has done the lion's share of the building, realized that we really  had way too much construction for either his driveway or the rented storage unit, Stan Goodell of Goodell properties in Celina stepped up with free warehouse space! Time and again our vendors and craftsmen (have I mentioned recently that we have the greatest vendors and craftsmen IN THE WORLD?) have come through with incredible products and efforts to help us build something really special for all the kids that visit the Arboretum!
Seurat's House - Courtesy of Bill Hurst Photography
Mona Crider and Company work their magic!

We are nearing completion now and our "thank you" to all who have helped make this possible seems woefully inadaquate! From the lumber yards that chipped in materials (Foxworth-Galbreath; Davis-Hawn Lumber; and Associated Truss); to those who have made it really special (Roof, Tile and Slate donated slate for Seurat House; Beach Sheetmetal donated the beautiful copper roof vent!; Lynn Watkins of Watkins Ornamental Ironworks created the steel support crown for Picasso; and Mona Crider and the talented artists of La Foofaraw that did the artwork), everyone has been so giving - and worked soooo hard! But it really shows.....

How could we forget the guys that came up with the designs in the first place? Robbie Fusch created Monet; Wilson Fuqua dreamed up Picasso; Paul Turney did Seurat; and Clint Pearson took on Georgia O'Keeffe! All marvelous - all extremely well built on a very, very limited budget. Which one's the BEST? You tell me!

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