Wednesday, February 22, 2012

God's Infinite Design!

The arguement over "Intelligent Design" has always amused me. Evolutionists constantly fight with Creationists over whether or not God created the universe. It's always seemed to me that it takes a lot more faith to believe in a Big Bang that created you and me, as opposed to what they are now calling "Intelligent Design!" Someone once said that the Big Bang takes about as much faith as believing that the local junkyard will, completely unaided, assemble and yield a 747! I mean, do you really buy the story that man really started millions of years ago as a one-celled protoplasm and evolved out of the mud? Wouldn't that have all of us craving Mud Pie?

Last week I was watching a National Geographic show on The Oceans with my granddaughter McCall, and her Momma (my daughter!). We were wowed by the sea life and organisms that scientists were just now discovering. Strange species never before seen! Totally mesmerized, Shelby turned to me and said 'look at all the wonderful variations God has created! Why have we never seen or known about these creatures?' Ahhhhhhh...good question! The best I could offer in response was that humans with finite minds could not begin to comprehend the infinite mind of God! With an infinite mind, the variations are endless!

That got me to thinking about "Intelligent Design" versus "Infinite Design." Intelligent design implies a finite creative ability. Infinite design is - well, infinite! Endless. Timeless. Infinitely creative... Totally beyond our comprehension. Kinda like the universe. A finite mind can't wrap itself around  the idea of Creation, so it justifies our existence through a Big Bang. But where did the gases for the Big Bang come from? 

If we think we have seen all of God's handiwork and stumble across stuff like this, well maybe we haven't seen everything He has to offer! I'm betting on Infinite Design!

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