Thursday, May 10, 2012

Holy Chihuly!

For literally months now I have been bugging you about the Chihuly Art Exhibit that was coming to the Dallas Arboretum in May. It's here! You will remember that the Arboretum hired us to build "Small Houses of Great Artists" in conjunction with Chihuly. My business partner Phillip McCloud and I thought our stuff was pretty neat until Dale Chihuly showed up... Rather than give you the "play by play", let's let Chihuly's work write this blog as we share some of the photographs that our Arboretum friend Bill Hurst of Bill Hurst Photography shared with us - even Bill's work is truly amazing!

Unlike other Chihuly Exhibits that have shown around the United States the Arboretum has lit many of the works in the garden. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights will be Chihuly After Dark. Don't miss it!
Awfully special! Perfect for a great date night with that special person. Of course, you could also run through the Monet "Small House" while you are there....

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