Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Girl!

Birthdays have always been a big deal at the Hoebeke household. "Grand-birthdays" are ENORMOUS!! Shelby and Jake's daughter celebrated two years with us on Saturday. Just a couple of reminders of what a wonderful time we had.

The "Happy Birthday" sign hanging from the chandelier was made by Roundtop Designs and is available at Heart's Desire in Frisco. Every Birthday Girl should have a hat...

Jake is missing all of the fun - he is proudly serving our country on the USS Ronald Reagan.... We all miss him terribly, but little one misses him the most!

Unbridled joy...a smash cake to call her very own! Sure hope we got the plastic on the rug before she started!

Finally, I leave you with this - who is having more fun? The Birthday Girl in the tutu, or Dolly in her tutu?


  1. Dolly looks fabulous in her tutu! Did you put one on too, Dutch?

  2. And a GREAT TIME was had by all! Love the Blog Bob!