Monday, March 21, 2011

Ready, Aim...Missed!

You would think as much time as I spend in and around the building business we would always get our colors right! Ah...wrong! It seems like every time we commit our home for a large party we end up sprinting to "fix up" parts of it for the event. Focus this time is on the Living Room. We changed the use of that room when we made our Gameroom a Playroom for the grandkids. The Living Room has become more of a TV room. Not a bad trade in my book because with three living areas (Gameroom, Family Room, and Living Room) our Living Room used to be a museum.

So off we go to take the red out of the Living Room. The first sample was too light; the second seemed deeper and just right. Covering the red is a monumental task so I had to double roll the walls. In the morning light it is just not working well with the furniture colors. Cheaper to change the paint color than the upholstery! Now it's looking like it could be Sherwin Williams 6427 Krypton, or 6246 Northstar. How in the world can you choose a whole room color anyway for those little itty bitty color chips?

For me the process in re-doing a room is always the same. I start by taping off all of the areas and moldings that don't get a color change. If we were re-doing the molding as well, I would start by painting that first and then taping it off once it was dry. As you can see, I had a lot of really great help!

For the baseboards I have discovered Frogtape. This green multi-surface tape seems to work better on low horizontal surface like base molding where excessive paint can accumulate and curl under the tape. It is not as easy to work with (too sticky) as the old standard 3M Scotchblue so I have been using the blue tape on the vertical surfaces.

I hear and obey!! If the boss says it's too blue - it's too blue. Before we can pull the tape however (because it's a pain to re-do!), we will need to coat it - AGAIN!! Once finished it should be a lot more peaceful than the red. Hope we get it right next time...

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