Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Extremely Madeover..."

Have I mentioned recently that I live in a learning lab? If you don't like change, and you don't like bright colors, this is not the home for you!  We are constantly changing things - and we paint nothing white.  Blessedly Molly and I, a/k/a "Dolly" and "Dutch" within the last two years are grandparents. Before our babies, babies can even talk we adopted the monikers of Dolly and Dutch so that we wouldn't end up as Pepaw and Gege or some such nonsense. Along with Shelby and Jake's daughter: and Whitney and Max's son came a pressing need (that I had completely failed to realize!) to change the old Gameroom into a kid's Playroom. The rooms function before was more of a television room off the Family Room, but as you will see in a minute that is not how it functions now!

Somewhat unexpectedly Jake was deployed again for the Navy (deployment #9) so he suggested that Shelby and their daughter move back to Dallas for the duration of the time he is gone. That really sped up the timetable for Playroom conversion! Dolly loves this stuff - truth be known, I do too! Anyway, we already had the "cool" scuffed pine floor compliments of my insanity one night after ripping out the wool carpet that smelled bad from the dogs. So let's remove the drapes, paint the walls, buy a new rug and some wire toy racks and get ready for those grandchillins'.

You may have picked-up on the fact that we are hiding pull down Murphy beds on either side of the slipper chairs.  This will work out well when the kids get a little older and want to spend the night watching a movie (on the opposite wall).  Just open the doors, pull down the beds - instant party! She found the picture of the world above the slipper chairs at market so that we can share with their daughter exactly where Daddy is.

Dolly remembered the big kids too creating a very comfortable place to watch the "chillins" or read a book.

When mommy cooks, so can her daughter. Dolly's Disneyland seems to have everything!

At least Shelby and Jake's daughter verdict is in - she wakes up every morning and runs straight to the Playroom! We think Whitney and Max's son will do the same when he becomes mobil!

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  1. Dolly and Dutch's house is just like Disneyworld! Mary Poppins did her magic as always! May need your expertise to help build a playroom for us one day too!