Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Impressions...

No one ever likes to hear the word "cancer." Though really bad when that word is directed at us, it can be just as devastating when a loved one is told he has a malignant tumor! That has happened recently with my Dad. He's 85 - he needs to have the tumor removed.

On Monday I went with my parents to meet with the surgeon. After a quiet knock on the door to the examining room, in walks this wonderfully confident Doctor who literally takes charge of the situation! We knew immediately that we had been referred to the right surgeon. She made a great first impression!

Almost every day we meet new people. What kind of "first impression" are we making? Practically every one of us has been confronted at one time or another with someone who's looks or manner upon initial introduction makes us feel very uneasy.  Maybe it's the way they are dressed - or the body "hardware" or exotic ink designs they sport. Maybe it's their initial salutation - or lack there of, that captures our approval or disapproval. Are they loud and boisterous, or meek and reserved? Do they inspire confidence, or just the opposite? We learn a lot about another person just on first impression.

Often our first impressions are right! Upon closer inspection, and with the benefit of ongoing relationship we usually discover that often what we thought of someone initially was correct. Does your first impression correctly reflect who you are, and how you conduct your business?

My Dad's surgeon was assertive without being obnoxious; confident without being cocky; knowledgeable without being a "know it all"; calm without being too casual; friendly without being too familiar. What's your first impression? 

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