Friday, September 16, 2011

Can't "BEE" True...

To say that you meet some facinating people in the building related trades can often be a enormous understatement. Any time you mix creative people together with the big money required to build a home, hilarious things are bound to happen. 

Take the time I was making a routine jobsite visit and found one of the lead framing carpenters with a big old cotton wad in his ear. 'Jeff, what in the world happened to you?' "Ear ache" was Jeff's reply - "absolutely killing me, must be a wax build up!" You could tell the poor guy was in a lot of pain. As faithful and loyal a framer as you could ever want, he was thinking about going home.

For several days Jeff suffered along. When asked about why he wasn't going to the Doctor, he mentioned that he felt his ear was improving. 

Then one day the cotton was gone, and Jeff was whistling and working away. 'Jeff, what happened - the cotton is out of your ear?' Reluctantly Jeff replied, "...ahhhh I was sitting around at lunch and decided to clean out my ear with a sixteen penny nail (not recommended for the best of personal hygiene!) and I'll be dad gummed if I didn't pull a dead honey bee out of my ear!" He surmised that a bee had crawled in there looking for the ear wax without him knowing it, and had stung his eardrum! These guys are tough - I believe I might have heard the bee before it stung me!
A Sixteen Penny nail - the Framer's version of a "Q-Tip!"

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