Monday, September 12, 2011

Passion Drives Perfection!

Nothing worse than hating your job! It's miserable to get up every morning knowing that the "ball and chain" known as your job is right there ready to weigh you down. Oh, and that feeling you get on Sunday night as you contemplate the week depression!

I know! in my former life I took a corporate job in downtown Dallas. Coat and tie on the twenty-eighth floor just wasn't for me. Save for a few All-Stars that really had fun running the business, everyone else seemed to have this hopelessness about them! I asked one guy how much longer he had before retirement, his answer - "six years, 192 days, three hours, and 42 minutes!" How's that for loving your job?

When my girls were young I encouraged them to find something in life that they were passionate about and pursue it. My reasoning?  If you are passionate about something, more than likely you can figure out a way to make a living pursuing that passion. They have! And, me too!

Years ago in a weak moment I found myself confiding in one of Dallas' most prominient business leaders (also a client and friend!) about how bad a salesman I was. I'll never forget his answer, "...quite to the contrary - you are one of the best salesmen I have ever seen! You are passionate about your work so you know everything there is to know about it, and that translates into an ability to handle any objection someone raises!" That never occurred to me. Must have worked pretty well on him though - we have built three homes for him and his family!

Passionate people tend to do their work better. Since you love what you do, often you become dissatisfied with mediocre performance. How many times through the years have I torn something apart on my time, at my expense because I just wasn't happy with the result?

Come to think of it, this blog illustrates my point perfectly. I love writing (my mentor said "it knocks the fuzz off your thinking!"). So here I sit, writing and re-writing this blog just because I want the content to be perfect!  Go ahead, call me passionate - but please don't ever ask me how long before I retire - I really have no idea!

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