Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aesop's Fables...Revisited!

I hate losing! Worse, I hate losing to someone who has told a big story to convince a potential client that they can do a better job than we can! In previous blogs I have ranted and raved about the bid process being 'a collection of stories, all designed to influence the buyer into selecting your version of the story.' The process know as "bidding" should be punctuated by that old proverb "buy the truth, and sell it not!" It happened again this last weekend, they bought the wrong story.

Let's see now: our insulation bid was cheaper; our roofing bid was cheaper; our window package was significantly cheaper; even our air conditioning package was cheaper (see 8/23 blog, "You Said You Wanted Air Conditioning..."). Ahhhhhh, but the price to fix the wood rot around the windows, and under the stucco was significantly more? No way - you can't even see the damage! Why underbid the potential expense when you don't really know, and you're supposed to be protecting the client? Never mind that our bid was accomplished by bringing our supremely talented guys together on a Wednesday so that we could respond to the client's needs for immediacy two and a half days later - not two and a half weeks later like the other guy! Oh come on, forget that my partner and I bring a combined 70 years of experience to the equation - he having framed houses for twenty-four of those years! Doesn't that account for something? Chalk it up to a bad burrito! 

If you truly are going to live the "let go, and let God" lifestyle, you can't get upset when He doesn't give you the work you have been praying over. Certainly there was something there that didn't work with our skill set. Most probably He protected us from something - that's they way it has always been in the past! The ones we have forced against His will have gotten us into a world of hurt. But in our flesh, we hate to lose! 

By definition a fable "...illustrates a moral lesson which may at the end be expressed explicitly in a pithy maxim."  Further to the definition it also says, "...a fable may be a deliberately invented or falsified account of an event or circumstance." So....who is telling the fable here? Is it me or the other guy? I like our chances on this one! Let me offer the moral then - "don't believe everything you hear - particularly if it takes two and a half weeks to make it up!"

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