Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ain't Grandkids Fun!

Our oldest Grandchild turned three the other day. Being a grandparent may be one of the few "under-rated" experiences in life! We had a family blowout, and she had a blast!

Shelby and Jake's little girl reveled in all of the attention. The gifts were pretty good too! Of course Dolly and Shelby couldn't do anything just halfway, so our house morphed into one really good party!

The hit of the party was big girl's make-up, also know around here as "puff-puff." As you can see the puff-puff takes immediate precedence over the new shower cap!

Ahhhhhh, now we're all dressed up and ready to go! Just like Mommy, Mama Sissy, and Dolly we've got our make-up on and we are ready to step out on the town!

Let's stop and have some Birthday cake and dessert first - need to build up our stamina for tomorrow's shopping!

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