Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Bloomin' Fun!!"

Dallas Blooms, and the Small Houses of Great Artists exhibit took off last weekend like a scalded dog! The Arboretum had over 77,000 people stroll the grounds Saturday and Sunday! My favorite people (my family, and my grandkids!) toured Monday morning to see firsthand Dutch's work. 

Watching our kids, and their kids run, laugh, and play out in the gardens just seems so right. Monday was a beautiful day. Four generations of Hoebeke's were present as my parents made the trip to check out their son's handiwork. The sunshine and fresh air enhanced those beautiful grounds that sit right on White Rock Lake. Needless to say, we are all extremely grateful for the time we can share together - and for our health!

Monday was also "Mommie and Me" at the Arboretum. A weekly event that happens each Monday, throngs of moms and their kids - thick as bugs on a bumper, flock to the gardens. The kids love the petting zoo and face painting. The moms love wearing the kids out so they will take a really good nap!

McCall, Wells, and Jack (well maybe not Jack - he's only 4 months old!) checked out what Dutch and longtime friend and business partner Phillip McCloud put together. The smiles on their faces suggested that they really liked what they saw!
With over 500,000 tulip bulbs, flowering cherry trees, and azaleas getting ready to bloom, this is a wonderful time of the year to tour the Arboretum. Our exhibit will be there for the playin' through the end of the year. Mark your calendar and come see us!
(Editor's Note: The exhibit picked up a wonderful endorsement from the Cooke family at . It's gratifying to see the Houses "in action" with kids having fun! Rachel Cooke's photography is pretty good too!)

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  1. Bob, thanks for the comment and a wonderful job on the houses. We loved them! Feel free to link to my blog if you would like. Your grandchildren are beautiful!