Thursday, March 1, 2012

Miles of Smiles!

It's here! Dallas Blooms at the Arboretum in conjunction with "Small Houses of Great Artists!" (which you and I know from other blogs as the Kid's Playhouses!) is finished and ready for Kids! So how did the final result compare with the original Architect's design? You tell me...

"Monet" by Robbie Fusch
Photo courtesy of Bill Hurst Photography
Phillip McCloud and I had a wonderful time putting this project together! The Arboretum people could not have been nicer, or more gracious - they made our job much easier.

"Picasso" by Wilson Fuqua
Photo courtesy of Bill Hurst Photography
Of course the four Architects, Robbie Fusch, Wilson Fuqua, Clint Pearson, and Paul Turney turned each Great Artist's habitat into childhood whimsey!

"O'Keeffe" by Clint Pearson
Photo courtesy of Bill Hurst Photography
And our friend Mona Crider of La Foofaraw and her talented team really dressed the insides of our cottages.

"Seurat" by Paul Turney
Photo courtesy of Bill Hurst Photography
But our deepest gratitude goes to those vendors and subcontractors who wanted to see this project succeed and helped us out of a very tight budget and into all of this kid's splendor!

So how did Hoebeke Builders do at taking a two dimensional rendering, and making it come to life? Meet the Judges!

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