Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Homes "Nerve" Center

Why is it that parties always end up in the K-I-T-C-H-E-N! Why is that life seems to always end up in the Kitchen? For me it's simple - that's where the food and the family (not necessarily in that order!) seems to end up! 

For years I have marveled at how, during a party, the women seem to start in the Kitchen, and the men move quickly (don't want to get stuck serving you know!) to the Family Room! Yet at the end of the night, when the crowd has dwindled, everyone ends up in the Kitchen!  No wonder so many Kitchens are appointed so well. 

But it's more than that - the Kitchen really is the "nerve" center for the entire house. Not only is it where you store the food, and we all like food, it's where the meals are prepared, and a lot of life takes place. Breakfast before the kids run off to school; dinner when they come home; homework in the evening; and the calendar that keeps it all going. Let's face it, IT'S A PUBLIC SPACE! Most homes reflect that notion.

Even when we remodel, everyone wants to update the Kitchen. There is no generic blueprint for producing an award winning space. Each one is individualized to the needs and whims of the family. Maybe that's why when we buy a pre-owned home the first thing that has to be re-done is the Kitchen. 

These facts are not lost on manufacturers of the "goodies" that go in your Kitchen! When I came into the business avocado green appliances were the rage. Then it was harvest gold. Now, you couldn't give away either of those colors - it has to be stainless steel. Trends change, but the functionality of the space doesn't. The family, and the parties always end up in the Kitchen!

The debate has raged for years about which is better - gas or electric? The gourmets insist gas ranges control the heat more accurately. The efficiency minded would never put up with either the potential smell of gas, or it's potentially hazardous nature - they must have electric. Sometimes it the prestige of having the big Viking or Wolf range. Sometimes the client doesn't care. One of my clients busted the appliance budget he initially outlined because when it came time to order, he just couldn't stomach having GE labels throughout his Kitchen!

So much of our work is very intentional, and extremely well thought out! All of it ends up being a pleasurable space in which to just hang-out!

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