Friday, June 24, 2011

Powder Your Nose!

Loo ("lu:"); Salle de Bains; Cuarto de Bano; Stanza da Bagno; Badezmmer; WaterCloset - Bathroom! Perhaps the most important place in your home! Easily a place where you spend inordinate amounts of time. Regardless of the language, it is that destination where we take care of personal matters. Sometimes with a grand entry similar to the one above, sometimes very simple - toilet, wash basin, tub or shower. I have found that people either throw themselves into the design of their bathrooms, or it becomes almost an afterthought.
Some people get so caught up in the design of their primary bathrooms they carry on their planning to the Guest Bath. This particular design was created by Robbie Fusch of Fusch Architects, and "dressed" by Christine Phillips out of Ft. Worth. Not only very functional, but extraordinarily detailed as well - right down to the rojo alacanta mosaic which alternates with tumbled limestone to surround each floor and backsplash tile!
Sometimes opulent! Designed and adorned by two firms out of Florida, we spent days searching for the Rainforest Green slabs of marble for the countertops and tub cap. The stained glass window ended up being a collaboration between the interior designers and the client - drawings passed back and forth many times before actual production of the window took place by a local Dallas source.
Always fulfilling a need! The old bathroom ended about the right edge of this picture. Under the careful planning and direction of Dallas Architect Wilson Fuqua, we ripped off the back end of the house, added a Veranda below this bathroom, and pushed the new bathroom wall out to the edge of the Veranda! Interior Designer Betty Glaspy decorated the space only after Wilson magnificently detailed the paneling. Our clients love the new addition!
Yes, it's personal! But it's your space... For an area of your home where you spend so much time, shouldn't it be marvelous? With a little thought and planning - it can be!

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