Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Specialized Society

My Dad turns 85 tomorrow! Along with age comes physical breakdown, and Dad is no exception. We've been traveling around town visiting all sorts of Doctors. I am reminded of the "specialization" each one has that the others do not. It seems that you never see the same Doc twice for similar ailments! 

But finding people who specialize in certain practices or trades is often a very good thing! Our society has become so segmented that in our world the painter no longer does tape and bed work, or hangs wallpaper - they just paint. And if you need a fancy faux finish - they have to bring in a specialist! But this is good. The oncology surgeon only does surgery on cancerous growths - they know that specialty far better than someone who replaces hips.  It occurred to me that my business is really no different.

If you need a nice production house, we wouldn't be your Builder. If it's a "speculative" venture (built for the general market in hopes of someone coming along and buying it), we haven't done that in twenty-five years! But if you are looking for a "one-off" something unlike anyone else's, we're your guy!
For the last twenty-eight years our homebuilding business has catered to the crowd who wants something unlike any of their friends. It's specialized! The guys that actually subcontract the work from us are, well...specialized! So it ends up not being just a cabinet, it becomes a village! Mail is delivered to a large drawer where it can accumulate if the Owner is out of town. Even the sweaters have their own place to dry!
We love specialization! It makes us unique in the marketplace. The client comes up with the need, and we figure out how to satisfy that need. Consider the Gentleman's Closet:
My sister-in-law became so inspired with the uniqueness of specialization, she and her husband took it to new lengths! Everyone needs a locker!
Then my brother-in-law got in the game! He needed a place for all of his baseball memorabilia:
Hindsight being 20/20 I guess I really shouldn't be awed by the segmented specialization we see in the medical profession - we are just as specialized as they are in a completely different field. Is there anything in your life that needs just that certain little spot?

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